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The SEEN: Believing in You - Care Package gives women items to remind them that they are seen, visible, and capable of handling themselves with care. A mug, pen, sunflower seeds, sugar scrub, and candle are included in each care package. Each item serves a specific purpose, which is described below.


SEEN Mug: A reminder to start your morning with a cup of love. Tea can help you improve your memory and attention, as well as boost your mood and overall energy.


SEEN Pen: A writing instrument for prioritizing your worries and concerns when using your SEEN journal.


Sunflower seeds: Plant your wellness seeds in nature to reduce stress, blood pressure, and muscle tension.


Sugar Scrub: A lavish stimulation to give yourself the love you deserve every day.


Candle: Aromatherapy can be used to create an ambiance experience that resonates with tranquillity, establish healthy routines and practices, and encourage softness and self-care.

SEEN Journal & Self Care Package

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