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SEEN. A guided journal to help women begin their journey of being and feeling seen. Women use journaling as a cathartic dialogue to improve themselves through self-discovery and self-reflection.

What distinguishes this guided journal from other women's journals:

Evidenced-based practices — All content provided within this guided journal is sourced from experienced therapists who utilize cognitive behavioral therapy methods and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Guided prompts and empowering reflective exercises — Explore any beliefs that create negative reactions to emotions while implementing positive ways of boosting your self-esteem, increasing creativity, and enhancing your positive thinking.

Affirming affirmations— Increase your mood and sense of self by concentrating on when and how you speak to yourself. Reflect upon your current language and allow yourself to create a personal manifesto that guides your action to a sense of being seen.

Spiral Bound SEEN: A Self Esteem Journal For Women

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